Our Sitters

All Breed Care sitters are loving, honest and dedicated professionals who care for pets with the utmost respect and attention.

Our Sitters - Caroline HCaroline H.

Caroline cannot imagine her life without animals.  As a child, she was always trying to rescue some poor injured bird or rabbit. She grew up with dogs of all shapes and sizes and today, has a Golden Retriever named Cane. She also has a cat named Blue who she rescued from Hurricane Floyd. Caroline found Blue while she was serving as a volunteer at a makeshift shelter for displaced animals.

Caroline has a son named Cheyenne who attends Appalachian State and shares his mother’s passion for animals. She has a Zoology degree from NC State and worked as a veterinary technician for eight years.  Caroline now works for the American Kennel Club and has been there since 1997.  Currently, she is a DNA processor, performing analysis for parentage verification by reading DNA results. Her previous role at the AKC was as a recovery coordinator/companion for their animal recovery program.

Caroline feels blessed to work with animals and considers it a privilege to take care of her clients’ pets. She understands the importance of having peace of mind when one is away from home.

Our Sitters - David DDavid

David has supported the animal community in many ways and for many years. He has volunteered with several organizations, including the Humane Society, Friends for Dearborn Animal Shelter and SPCA. He has volunteered in animal rescue missions, organized drives and fundraising events. “David’s passion to help and love animals is evident. He possesses the attributes of genuine compassion, and empathy, which makes him a fantastic animal caregiver.” Elaine Greene, L.V.T. Executive Director of the Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter. Being active in the animal shelter, David has experienced the requirement of daily medications and restricted diets, and physical therapy after surgery, as well as extensive senior care experience. David is also a Pet Tech Certified Medical Technician, trained in CPR and live support techniques.

pet sitter Kare

Kare moved to North Carolina after a 30 year long trek from California, where she grew up, with stops in Texas, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Always working for a non-profit Arts & Farm Coop, she took in an array of stray animals. Along with her local vets we performed animal rehabilitation and taught animal husbandry.
Kare has had the great pleasure of knowing dogs, cats, horses, goats, chickens, peacocks, sheep, birds & pigs and love all of them. Taking care of animals keeps her sane and she loves that she can have a job that doesn’t seem like work, and people can feel secure knowing their animals are well taken care of while they’re away. Kare has a 5 year old Bassett Hound, Leo, and a 2 year old Bloodhound, Ivy.

Pet Sitter Laurie G

Laurie G.

Laurie has always had a passion for animals. Her mom could tell you stories of Laurie as a little girl disappearing on dime store shopping trips only to be found in a trance somewhere between the mice and the fish tanks in the pet department. Turtles, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, fish, cats, dogs, and horses all came to live at the Gayle household at one time or other…thankfully not at the same time. Laurie has managed several horse farms and is currently the manager of a small farm in Wake Forest. Horses and dogs have always been her main focus in life, while pursuing other careers as well. Laurie has been an artist since the age of 2, at which time she declared her future occupation.

Laurie combines her training as an artist and her passion for animals by painting and drawing commissioned pet portraits in the old masters style. She challenges herself to capture the spirit as well as an exact likeness of each animal that she paints. Her goal is for her clients to have a portrait that they can look at long after their beloved pet has passed and help them keep the memories of their special bond. Visit Portraits by Laurie Gayle to see her exquisite artwork.

Laurie loves working for All Breed Care and will have her 10 year anniversary with the company in the Spring of 2016. She says it’s her dream job because she gets to be around animals all day, then go to the studio and paint them all night. Laurie continues to be horse crazy and always has a dog by her side. She is the barn manager at the Susan Lee Estate, which includes 3 rescued horses and Thomas the barn cat. She has two of her own Horses, Tater and Abby. Her own pack consists are 4 high energy dogs: Carrie, Katie, Puppers and Lil’ Buddy.

 Joi                         Joi and Sophie
Joi grew up having dogs as part of her family. Her family specifically loved cocker spaniels but Joi loved all animals since she was a child. Once in high school and convinced she wanted to be a veterinarian, she tried to nurse a baby bunny back to health after a blue jay attack. Now, she appreciates taking care of other people’s animals and longs to be a dog owner once again but only after her teenagers have left the nest. For now, they have an 11 year-old grey tabby named Beatrix they rescued.
Jackie's pic


Jackie, a Raleigh native, has had pets for as long as she can recall. Her first pet, at age 5, was a turtle. From there she moved on to dogs and cats, always having several pets at a time. She happily lives on a mini-farm with her husband, dogs, cats and horses.

Jackie is a volunteer and on the board of directors with Wildlife Welfare Inc. She is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. She rescues orphaned squirrels, flying squirrels, rabbits and opossums. She also volunteers with Paws for Life Animal Rescue. She is a temporary and/or vacation foster mom.

She is very excited about working with All Breed Care and meeting all sorts of new animal friends. She is keenly aware how important it is to know, while you are away, that your fur-children are being cared for and loved.


Sarah is from Raleigh, NC and currently am attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her major is Professions in Deafness: Interpreting and her minor is Human Development and Family Studies. She has been working for All Breed Care for a few years now and absolutely loves the experience and environment. She enjoys communicating with individuals about their pets and being able to work with pets as well. She’s a huge animal lover!”
Laura P.

Laura grew up loving animals and always had at least one dog and one cat, usually more, and assorted gerbils, hamsters, fish, ducks, bunnies and chicks. She volunteered with her father at a Sea Lion Rehabilitation facility in Laguna Beach as a child and went through vocational training to be a Vet Tech as a teenager. She has experience working for Vets, volunteering for a Hippo therapy program and the Franklin County Humane Society (now Paws for Life). Laura has made life-long friends who have the same crazy love for animals that she does, and loves getting unlimited doggie kisses and has even incorporated Animal Rescues and Charities into her Real Estate business. A percentage of her commission on every transaction goes to the dogs (so to speak, kitties get it too). Now, to get a break from the office she has decided to spend a few hours working with All Breed Care for yet more puppy love and kitty snuggles and it has been wonderful!


Shannon's pic                                                                                                                                                                                               Shannon

Shannon is from Fredericksburg, VA.  She came to the Raleigh area in search of a better quality of life for herself and family.  She has a daughter and two fur kids, a cat named Lyla and the newest addition, her dog Guff. Guff was rescued from the Franklin County Shelter and quickly found his way into her heart.  When Shannon is not busy being a wife, mother and Realtor she loves to spend time with animals.  She looks forward to caring for your pets when you are away, so you have peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.  She is also excited about raising money for the Franklin County Animal Rescue when she walks your dogs with the use of the ResQwalk App.

Jayne                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Jayne has been caring for animals since elementary school when she would walk, bathe, and babysit the neighborhood pets, and has continued to do so throughout college and into her adult life. She now competitively trains and shows horses and continues to care for other familiespets with All Breed Care in her spare time. Jayne has two silly Australian Cattle Dog siblings, one male and one deaf female, as well as some pet hens, and of course many horses.




Hanna is an animal lover and avid equestrian.  She manages her own horse boarding facility and currently has an Australian Shepherd who she’s training and a horse named Mystery who she’s had since she was little.  Hanna and Mystery are often found at area hunter/jumper shows




Heather is a horse owner and all round animal lover.   She’s currently studying to be an Accountant, and loves to relax at the barn, or visiting with her furry clients!



Terry has been married for 29 years and has two daughters, ages 23 and 16.  She is also the mother of 3 fur babies. Two dogs named Panda and Ryder, and a cat named Misty. She has been involved with Paws for Life Animal Rescue for 4 years.  She is currently fostering two cats, Dr. Pepper and Crispies and has been the stepping stone for 21 dogs and 23 cats, helping them fine forever homes.  She grew up with both dogs and cats.



Christine has loved animals since she was a little girl and after nursing an injured mouse she found in a field she decided she wanted to care for injured animals. She worked as a veterinary nurse for many years starting in a general practice then moving into the exotic animal department taking care of many different species of animals. She decided to work in emergency medicine so she accepted a job in Florida working as an overnight nurse in an emergency animal hospital and triaged, treated and cared for trauma patients.

After taking some time off to care for her son, she is back to her love of taking care of animals.




Kristen grew up in a small city, Salisbury, NC and graduated with a bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She loves learning, so being the knowledge seeker she is, went back to school and obtained a Masters in Human Services Counseling. Knowing how special her pets make her feel, Kristen has always wanted to link animals with human behavior. This led her to want to one day peruse a career in animal assisted therapy. After all, the best therapist have fur and four legs. 

Kristen thinks having an animal in your life makes you a better person. The animal community has been a part of her life for many years from volunteering at several animal rescue agencies to working at doggie daycares, grooming salons and animal shelters. She has even rescued a few wildlife fur babies, including a flying squirrel. Currently, the two pups that have stolen her heart are Khaos, a chocolate Chihuahua and Kole, a Corgi/Chihuahua mix. They have brought SO much joy to her life and she wouldn’t trade them for the world. Kristen also has a pet turtle named Petie, who is just important to her and a part of the family as her pups are. She’s very excited to work with All Breed Care and loving on all kinds of new fur babies. Puppy snuggles and kitty cuddles are her favorite!